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Paul and Elke, owners of Farm Fresh Market by Austrian Homestead
Paul and Elke, owners of Farm Fresh Market by Austrian Homestead

Rachelle here from Sky Valley Resort! We’re very excited to have a new vendor join the resort family. Farm Fresh Market in the West Lounge has just opened and you will be able to stop for a quick cup of coffee or get a fresh made sandwich. 

Farm Fresh Market owners, Elke and Paul are originally from Austria, but they came over to California and fell in love with the warm weather. They lived in Palm Springs but bought a piece of property in Sky Valley to start the Austrian Homestead Farm when they decided the city life was not for them. 

Stop by for a fresh made sandwich!
Stop by for a fresh made sandwich!

Farm Fresh Market will provide a spot where you can stop for coffee, buy local eggs from Paul’s chickens or get a fresh farm bread. Coming from Austria, the market has a European flair with balanced baked goods and local items from her farm or another nearby seller. 

In addition to food, the market has unique souvenirs from the Austrian Homestead Farm like homemade soap and lip balm, a few basic toiletries and wool from the farm animals.

I asked Elke what her most popular items are and she said Austrian Homestead patrons love her unique and homemade items including: 

Felted Soap
Felted Soap

Felted Soap — Elke uses the fleece from the Alpacas and goats she raises on her farm to make felted soap and goat milk soap. Felted soap has a thin covering of wool over top of it that makes the soap last longer and provides a gentle exfoliation for the skin. It makes a unique gift that people really enjoy.

Apple Strudel — Last Thanksgiving, Elke decided to offer apple strudel. When she sold out, she decided to make it part of her regular offering. She hand cuts organic apples and bakes the crust herself. I tried the strudel and can vouch that the fresh apples and cinnamon wrapped in crust are delicious! 

Austrian Farm Bread — Elke’s bread uses a combination of organic whole wheat flour, rye flour and seeds. She has noticed that many folks love her bread because it’s real and substantive — a different experience than most loaves you can buy at the grocery store! 

Fresh eggs from the Austrian Homestead farm
Fresh eggs from the Austrian Homestead Inc. farm

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